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How will your legacy as a Chief be judged?

I believe you will be judged on two things:
     1. The strength of your bench of future officers prepared to lead the department into the future.
     2. The culture of the department on the line.

Fundamentally, the only thing that differentiates your department from another is its leadership.

I want to introduce you to the In-House Company Officer Leadership Academy. This program is focused on changing the way your officers think about leadership. It's presented in a webinar/conference call format that allows eveyrone to participate from their stations without the prohibitive cost of bringing in a trainer.

In addition to changing the way your officers think about leadership, our program is designed to deal with the three biggest weaknesses of most line officers:

     1. A lack of coaching and people skills.
     2. A lack of emotional control around the kitchen table that undermines morale and the performance of their company. 
     3. Lack of loyalty to the Chief and the chain of command.

To learn more about our program and free trial information, go to the Home Page and either join our email list and indicate your interest in the Leadership Academy or fill out the contact information form at the bottom of the page. 


National Company Officer Leadership Academy Topics
Monthly Officer/Command Workshop 

(or quarterly Shift Workshop)

Note: We are working on short 1-2 minute videos to introduce each topic below.
They are currently under construction and should all be done by the end of the month.

Coaching-10 Steps.jpg10 Steps to Coaching Effectively in the Fire Service

  • The 10 keys to becoming an effective coach.





40 Hours-Invest in Yourself-Fire.jpg

40 Hours – Invest in Yourself





ABC's of Leadership.jpg


The ABC’s of Leadership in the Fire Service





A.C.E. It -- How to Solve Tough Workplace Problems.jpg


A.C.E. It – How to Solve Tough Workplace People Problems






Alarm Bells for Fire Officers.jpgAlarm Bells for Officers in the Fire Service






Best Practices of Great Company Officers.jpg

Best Practices of Great Company Officers

  • Every great Officer in the Fire Service is bigger on the inside (character) than their position. This workshop emphasizes the six biggest character traits of the best Company Officers and the best practices of the top 5% of Line Officers.




Blind Spots that Derail Fire Officers10 Blind Spots.jpg

  • Every Officer has a Blind Spot. Unfortunately, everyone else can see our blind spots better than we can. This workshop will follow with a survey sent to your line so each Officer will get a report on what everyone else sees as their blind spot.
  • Includes a 360 Survey of each Officer.



Engagement-Building Employee-FIRE2.jpg


Building Employee Engagement on the Line

  • The keys to driving engagement, commitment and sacrifice of your members.




Building Strong Officer Unity in the Department.jpg


Building Strong Officer Unity in the Department

  • The seven principles that lead to great Command Staff and Officer unity in the Department.




Building Momentum.jpg


Building Momentum on the Line

  • Learn the 10 biggest momentum killers that are hurting the current morale and performance of your line.




Building Relationships of Trust as a Leader.jpg


Building Relationships of Trust as a Leader





Busting Millennial Myths


The Challenge of Leading in the Fire ServiceChallenge of Leading in the Fire Service.jpg

  • The 12 most common difficult personalities in the Fire Service.
  • Rules for dealing with conflict effectively and the number one reason for low morale and a lack of leaders in the Fire Service.



Change-How Fire Officers Finesse It.jpg


Change – How Fire Officers Finesse It





Change-The Line's Response.jpg


Change – The Line’s Response





Character in Action-Key Points.jpg


Character in Action – How the United States Coast Guard Develops Leaders





Character of Leadership-Mistakes Officers Make.jpg


Character of Leadership – Mistakes Officers Make

  • The top leadership/character mistakes Officers make in the Fire Service.




Coaching-10 Steps.jpg


Coaching – 10 Steps







Coaching-How to Know it was Successful.jpg
Coaching – How to Know your Coaching Session was Successful?





Coaching Your Team to Greatness.jpgCoaching Your Team to Greatness as a Fire Officer

  • The number one weakness of 80% of Company Officers nationwide is coaching skills and people skills. This workshop will stress the importance of being as competent in people skills as we are in Incident Command Skills.




Common Threads of Uncommon Leaders.jpg
Common Threads of Uncommon Leadership





Conquering the Challenges that Leaders Face.jpg

Conquering the Challenges that Leaders Face




Core Values of a Winning Team.jpg

Core Values of a Winning Team




Courage to Coach.jpg


The Courage to Coach






Creating a High-Performance Team.jpg

Creating a High-Performing Team




Creating a No Complaining Culture in the Fire Service.jpg
Creating a No-Complaining Culture in the Fire Service

  • Since 70-80% of kitchen table time is spent complaining in most departments, this workshop will teach your Officers how to manage the negativity on the line. They’ll learn three ways to turn complaints into positives, five things to do instead of complain and the #1 Attitude an Officer needs to stay above the negativity.
  • Includes a set of posters to reinforce a mind-set change.



Customer Service Excellence.jpg
Customer Service Excellence

  • The keys to going beyond great customer service.





Dealing with Conflict as a Leader.jpgDealing with Conflict on the Line

  • Why we are so poor at conflict in the Fire Service.
  • The five stages of conflict.
  • What creates conflict and how to constructively deal with conflict.




Dealing with Mistakes as a Leader.jpg

Dealing with Mistakes as a Leader




Encouraging Manager.jpg


The Encouraging Manager




Entitlement-Cancer in the Fire Service.jpg
Entitlement – The Cancer in the Fire Service







Essentials of a Healthy & Productive Team.jpg


Essentials of a Healthy and Productive Team





Ethics 101.jpg

Ethics 101 in the Fire Service






Finessing Criticism as a Leader.jpg


Finessing Criticism as a Fire Officer




Our Leadership Contract.jpgFire Officers Leadership Contract

  • You’ll learn the seven core values you find in the top 10% of Officers and why they make such a difference.
  • Includes a 360 Survey of each Officer.





Five Levels of Leadership-Intro.jpg

The Five Levels of Leadership

  • Presents a road map of how to increase your effectiveness as a leader. Defines what real leadership looks like and how to mature the department.





Five Metastasizing Cancers.jpg


Five Metastasizing Cancers in the Fire Service

  • The five cancerous attitudes found on the floor that kill morale.





Four Obsessions.jpg
The Four Obsessions of Great Fire Officers

  • The Four Obsessions you’ll find common in the leaders of the best Fire Departments around the country.


Delegation (Effective).jpg

Effective Delegation




Go Put Your Strengths to Work.jpg


Go, Put your Strengths to Work





Handling Conflict in Relationships.jpg


Handling Conflict in Relationships






Heart of Leadership.jpg


Heart of Leadership






How Great Officers Think.jpg
How Great Officers Think – Controlling your Emotions around the Kitchen Table

  • Easily, the second biggest weakness of most Company Officers is lack of emotional control around the kitchen. This workshop will focus on how to manage your emotions.






Multipliers-How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter.jpgHow the Best Officers Make Everyone Smarter

  • How to find your voice and help those you lead find theirs.





How to Add Value as a Leader.jpg


How to Add Value as a Leader






How to be the MVP on your Team.jpgHow to be the MVP on your Team

  • The 10 qualities of high achieving leaders that raise the bar for everyone on their team.
  • Includes a 360 Survey of each Officer.




How to Grow as a Leader--Fire.jpg


How to Grow as an Officer

  • The key areas to focus on in your growth as a leader.





How to Keep Good People.jpg



How to Keep Good People Good





How to Learn Leadership.jpg

How to Learn Leadership





How to Turnaround Negative Attitudes.jpg


How to Turnaround Negative Attitudes






Key Influencers.jpg
Identifying Key Influencers in the Department

  • How to identify and leverage your key influencers in an effort to drive more effective change.


Identifying Your Leadership Limitations.jpg


Identifying your Leadership Limitations







Influence Inventory.jpg

Influence Inventory






Inside-Out Leadership.jpg

Inside-Out Leadership

  • The best leaders are always bigger on the inside than the outside. This workshop presents the six character qualities that great leaders possess.




L.E.A.D. with Integrity.jpg

L.E.A.D. with Integrity




Leaders of Character-The West Point Way.jpg

Leaders of Character – The West Point Way





Leading Departmental Change.jpg
Leading Departmental Change

  • You’ll better understand the reasons why change hasn’t worked in your department and the eight keys to effective departmental change.





Front of the Class.jpg


Leading from the Front of the Class

  • The four things Line Officers must do to lead from the front.





Leading from the Middle in the Fire Service.jpg
Leading from the Middle in the Fire Service

  • Since the skill set that gets us promoted isn’t what usually makes a great Company Officer, this workshop will expose your Officers to the eight Myths of Leadership in the Fire Service and the seven Specific Challenges every Officer MUST meet to be an Effective Leader in the Fire Service.




Leading in Times of Uncertainty.jpg

Leading in Times of Uncertainty






Leading UP Principles.jpg
Leading UP (the Chain of Command) Principles

  • Since most Officers complain downstream, this workshop is dedicated to teaching your Officers the nine things they can do to influence up the Chain of Command.




Learning Leadership from Abraham Lincoln.jpg

Learning Leadership from Abraham Lincoln






Making Calm your Default Setting.jpg

Making Calm your Default Setting





Managing Millennials in the Fire Service.jpgManaging Millennials in the Fire Service

  • 60% of most Fire Departments are made up of Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000).
  • The seven challenges that come with managing this entitled generation and how to motivate them.





Mentoring in the Fire Service.jpgMentoring in the Fire Service

  • How to effectively drive mentoring in your department.





Motivating People on the Line copy.jpg
Motivating People on the Line

  • Since the Culture of your department is owned by the Line, learning to motivate the line is a critical skill.
  • You’ll learn the root cause of low motivation and the four solutions to improving motivation on the line.




Overcoming Apathy.jpg
Overcoming Apathy in the Fire Service

  • The real challenge in any Fire Department is overcoming the apathy and complacency that exists on the line.
  • Learn the 4 key decisions you must make to overcome apathy.




Paradox of Leadership on the Line.jpg
The Paradox of Leadership on the Line

  • Many Officers fail because they simply don’t understand the role they need to play around the station. This workshop teaches the mindset of going from buddy to boss.





Communication Challenges.jpg
Resolving the Communication Challenges in the Fire Service

  • How to become a more effective communicator up and down the department.


What a Great Fire Officer Looks Like.jpg
What a Great Officer Looks Like

  • The common qualities of the best Officers in the Fire Service.





Power of Professionalism.jpg
What it Means to be a Professional in the Fire Service

  • Many of our members believe that being a Professional means passing Firefighter 1 or 2 and looking good in turnouts.
  • This workshop will clarify what it really means to be a Professional.  You’ll learn the Seven Mindsets of Highly Trusted Professionals and examples of unprofessional conduct that most Officers struggle with.
  • Includes a 360 Survey of each Officer.



What It Means to Take Responsibility.jpg
What it means to Take Responsibility as a Leader

  • One of the defining qualities of great leaders is that they take personal responsibility for making their departments better. You’ll learn the 12 mindsets of leaders that make things happen.




Why Entitlement is such a BIG ISSUE in the Fire Service.jpg

Why Entitlement is such a BIG Issue in the Fire Service

  • How to deal with the entitlement that has become such a big issue in our industry.




Why We Resist Change in the Fire Service.jpg
Why we Resist Change in the Fire Service

  • Why we are 150-years of tradition unimpeded by progress. This workshop teaches the mindset it takes to change your paradigm.




What Every Ldr Should Know about People.jpg
What Every Leader Should Know about People

  • 10 things every leader should know and understand about people.