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What Chiefs have said about the benefits of Leadership Development in their departments:

  • “I love the fact that I get regular briefings from James about the challenges in our department and how to solve them. Most of our members are convinced that he knows them better than their own Mothers. His ability to help me better understand how to solve the personnel problems in our department has been priceless.” 
  • "For the first time in my career we have a better prepared bench strength of Officers ready to promote up. We’ll never have to go outside for Officers again!” 
  • “As we’ve changed our culture, it’s become easier to lead and drive change.”
  •  “When the Line Officers start to understand that Leadership requires that they take personal responsibility for the problems in our department, they stop complaining as much.”
  • “The Line Officers have started to understand that when they have a good attitude the morale improves.”
  • “We’ve seen a major improvement to our morale and culture as our Officers became more confident in dealing with conflict with each other.”
  • “In my 35 years in the Fire Service, our department has never seen this level of Command Staff Unity. For the first time in my career, we present a united front to the Line.”
  • “When we first started with the program five years ago there was a lot of cynicism and negativity about the likelihood of this program being successful. As we’ve stuck with it, it’s had a major impact on our department. We have better leaders at every level and the moral has never been better.”
  • “The biggest benefit to me personally as the Chief has been how James has helped the line understand the limitations on the Fire Chief. Everyone now understands and believes that the higher you go in the Fire Service, the more limited you become in terms of the budget, bureaucracy and politics.”
  • “Our members have always complained about communication being the biggest weakness in our department. As a result of, our Officers have learned how to complement the weaknesses of the leaders above them and they’ve learned the importance of “no surprises” up and down the department. 
  • “We have more Officers making the transition from ‘buddy to boss’.”
  • “Before we started with James Rowan, you could walk into any station and ask any member what the Fire Chiefs vision was and you’d get blank stares. James helped our Line Officers understand the vision will never work in a Fire Department if the Line Officers are not translating the Vision down to the Line. As a result our members have 100% greater passion and commitment for where the department is going.”