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Since 1987, we have been dedicated to growing leaders who are dedicated to building world class organizations.

Our first eleven years in business were focused on promoting well-known national speakers. Some of the speakers we represented include Pat Riley, Lou Holtz, Og Mandino, Stephen Covey, Norman Schwarzkopf, Roger Dawson, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley and Harvey Mackay.

For several years we had the pleasure of being recognized as being one of the fastest growing companies in our industry. Now we are leading the industry in our niche. We have promoted multiple programs in over a dozen cities in  North America. Due to the fact that we have experienced many of the challenges faced by managers in fast growing businesses, we have developed a focus and a passion for growing managers into leaders. Our experience has taught us that the surest and fastest way to solve most of your organizations problems is to more thoroughly train officers, particularly at the line level.  We have had the pleasure of helping many organizations succeed at a higher level due to our leadership development programs.   
One of the weaknesses with public seminars is that people tend to leave with lots of great ideas that are not applied and are never followed up on. For that reason we have developed a focus of presenting monthly high-content, targeted 60 minute workshops, followed with coaching your Senior Chief's to see that the principles are implemented.

At, we have learned that for training to be effective it must be a process, not an event! Rather than conducting a full-day seminar that is quickly forgotten, we immerse your people in powerful ideas. Since most Captains are promoted – but never trained as leaders – the immersion process has the potential to develop people more thoroughly over time. Our program will do wonders in developing your people as leaders by helping them make better decisions that will improve your team's culture and communication.

Our primary objective is to act as a catalyst in developing your greatest resource, your people, and to become an indispensable part of your team. In doing so we are confident we can take you to a whole new level of professionalism and excellence!