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For over 27 years, we've been in the business of helping organizations ensure their future by developing their leaders.  

In that time, we've invested over a million dollars in videos and have developed over 2100 workshops specific to Fire Leadership. We love having the right content for the right challenge or situation. 

We're passionate about being an effective catalyst in helping you grow your leadership skills faster

Here are some of the valuable learning opportunities you will experience:

Fire Service Leadership Training
  • Command Staff/Officers Workshop 
    • I'll do a workshop specific to your department's needs in your regular monthly Officer/Command Staff Meeting. If you don't meet monthly, we'll do a shift workshop
  • Shift Workshops
    • Quarterly workshop for the line.
  • Leadership/Communication Surveys of each Officer
    • To help each officer understand their personal strengths and weaknesses as an officer. This is also a great tool when considering hiring and promotions.
  • 360 Degree Reviews of each Officer and the Department
    • This provides your officers with some peer review perspective on how they are doing leading the department.
  • Leadership Video Library
    • As a member, you'll have access to a million-dollar video library.
  • Leadership Tips
    • Short leadership videos sent regularly