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Scheduling an Appointment
With James Rowan

Thank you for the opportunity to help develop you as a Leader. Please click on the link below to be directed to the calendar to choose a day and time for your appointment.

Please click below to schedule:
  • Leadership/Communication Survey Interviews
  • Strategy/Coaching Calls
  • Shift Commander Debriefs
  • 360 Debriefs
  • Shift Workshops
  • Company Workshops
  • Blind Spot Debriefs
  • Fatal Flaws Debriefs
  • Hidden Strengths Debriefs
  • Team Player style Debriefs
  • Others (Pls. specify)
If scheduling a workshop, please indicate any specific needs or topics you would like us to focus on. If you don't see any open times, please send us an email. We always treat workshops as a priority over individual coaching calls and can usually move a couple of coaching calls to accommodate a time for a workshop. Please email (or call 480-800-9794) to request a date and time for a workshop that doesn't appear open on our schedule.
Please remember to call in to James Rowan for your appointment at 480-800-9794. If he doesn't answer, leave a voicemail and he will return your call as soon as possible. 

Thank you.